2nd SM Pyrofest and Ayala Fireworks Display for Sinulog 2010

Ayala Center Cebu is hosting Fireworks Display in quite number of years now. I may guess its 2005. They usually conclude the Sinulog Festival with Grand Fireworks Display at Cebu Business Park vacant lots with fireworks duration of 20-30 minutes continuous.
Cebu Photolog shots from Ayala Grand Fireworks Display.
Sinulog.2010 168

SM City Cebu held its 2nd Pyrofest Januray 16 Saturday, fronting their Northwing edifice. Cebu Photologger was able to grant a VIP pass courtesy from the organizers to cover the event in their exclusive area with free refreshments and seats. Its was an experience and a nice chance to capture the event. Thanks SM City Cebu. And here are my Fireworkd shots mixed from 8 contestants and a demo from Pyroworks, International.
Crowds watching the Street dancing usually proceeds to Cebu Business Park where they wait for the Grand Fireworks Display. It is observed also that some of them put some tents and do picnic at the area and waits till its time for the Fireworks.
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