Now on its 27th year, the prestigious search for Miss Cebu continues its tradition of upholding a Cebuana’s beauty, wit and character. The next Miss Cebu will be chosen during the Coronation Night this January 12, 2011, Wednesday at the Pacific Grand Ballroom of the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino.
From a thorough screening process, 12 ladies were selected to vie for the crown and the opportunity to represent Cebu City. This batch of lovely candidates come from various fields and backgrounds, are multi-faceted, well rounded and all possess the beauty, charm, commitment, passion and character to become the next representative of Cebu City. The finalists for the prestigious title are Katrina Raye "Trina" Yuson, Kerrie Glad Arapoc, Rosemary Gore, Katrina Jane "Ina" Esmas, Benjielyn Rose "Benj" Ongluico, Teffanie Lene "Panyang" Llamada, Maureen "Mau" Gail Espina, Mia Zeeba Faridon, Junelyn "June" Bilocura, Erica Janine Tudtud, Vanessa Claudine Ammann and Aiko Lyanne Serrano.
Who will be the next Miss Cebu Winners?
Aiko Lyanne E. Serrano
Twenty-one year old Aiko is an English tutor for a home-based company, Four Communications. During her spare time, she loves to sing karaoke with her siblings, a talent that they got from their mother, and experiment on cooking various dishes, an interest that she inherited from her father. She was a member of the Youth for Christ and has participated in various community outreach and feeding programs during her college years.  She currently takes part in 'One lesson, One Smile', a program that aims to support the needs of children.
Benjielyn Rose A. Ongluico
Benj is a nineteen year-old Management Accounting student from the University of San Carlos, a part-time model and a former SK councilor in Guadalupe. She is the youngest in the brood of four, a certified homebody, and would prefer to solve mathematical problems rather than go shopping.

Erica Janine P. Tudtud
Twenty-one year old Erica is an Interior Design student from the University of San Carlos who is very interested in furniture design. She used to be a choir member in high school (Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu). She also loves to dance and write songs. Most of all, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. She' has been modeling for 5 years under Fashion TV Cebu and A.D. Models Philippines. In 2009, she became one of the student exhibitors of CFIF (Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation) and her host company was Obra Cebuana Inc. In 2009-2010, she was the treasurer of the student council “DiseƱo Laraw”. She also does outreach programs with the Kids of Kythe Foundation for the benefit of kids with cancer.
Junelyn B. Bilocura
June is a twenty-four year-old Customer Service Agent of Philippine Airlines. She is a dreamer and a hard worker. She lives a simple life in Daanbantayan under the care of her grandparents. She completed Management Accounting as a working student at the University of San Jose Recoletos, something is very grateful for accomplishing. Aside from work, June runs, swims and dances. She still has a lot of plans for herself and for her family hence she will never get tired of dreaming and working hard to make these dreams come true
Katrina Jane B. Esmas
Eighteen year-old Ina is a student from Cebu Doctors’ University currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Nursing. On her spare time she reads, writes, shops and plays soccer. She's the midstriker for Melbourne United Football Club, and she also plays football for Cebu Doctor's University.
Katrina Raye C. Yuson
Trina is a nineteen year-old student from Cebu Doctors’ University currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Nursing. As a sports enthusiast, she is into different sports but volleyball is her main game. Since she is an advocate of environmental preservation, she joined the Green Peace Organization through the Internet. She is an active environmentalist in Mandaue City where she was able to plant trees and practice the 3Rs. Aside from that, she is also interested in children particularly the mentally-challenged. Reading and writing keeps her going and it allows her to venture into new things. Life is a journey and there is more to discover, so she never ceases to explore.
Kerrie Glad A. Arapoc
Eighteen year-old Kerrie is a Medical Technology student from Cebu Doctors’ University. A great fan of digital art, she does both portrait and motion art graphic design during her spare time. Her hobbies include modeling and dancing. She is labeled as “The Young Achiever” by her friends because of success she has gained through the years and her immense conviction to reach certain heights. She was also awarded as one of the “Most Outstanding Child of Mandaue”in the year 2008. She is affiliated with the San Miguel Youth Association (SMYA) a community organization, Commission On Youth (COY), World Apostolate of Fatima (WAF) a religious organization in their parish that aims to awaken and make the youth aware on the need to strengthen religious faith with God, and The Stethoscope Magazine, a school paper publication of Cebu Doctors' University. 
Maureen Gail M. Espina
Mau is a nineteen year-old Psychology student from the University of San Carlos. She loves to sing to de-stress, chill out with friends, play solitaire, watch T.V. and surf the internet to keep updated. She loves to do movie marathons and gets inspired by movies and TV personalities. She is a member of the University of San Carlos Choristers (choral group) which she has a gotten a scholarship from and the Psychology Society. She has also registered to become a member of the USC-JPMAP (University of San Carlos - Junior People Management Association of the Philippines) under the CES (Community Extension Services) committee.
Mia Zeeba M. Ali Faridoon
Nineteen year-old Mia is a Mass Communication student from the University of the Philippines. Miss UP 2010 brought about her involvement with UP Tsinelas, a non-stock, non-profit charity organization, which aims to help underprivileged children from depressed areas in Cebu. They recently held an outreach Christmas project called Share a Hug to DSWD Home for Girls in Labangon and a Mobile School Program of the Cebu City Task Force on Street Children. Apart from her being the vice president of the organization, she is also an active member of the Lantugi Debate Society; debate being one of the activities that challenges her in school. Writing for the college newsletter, Tug-ani, is something she has started doing this academic year.
Rosemary J. Gore
Rose is an eighteen year-old student from Southwestern University taking up Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. Growing up she had many fears, one of which was the boogeyman and she is glad she has grown out of it though horror movies shock her still. She loves the great outdoors, being under the sun and singing her heart out with her music. She enjoys reading about the complexities of people’s lives especially in John Irving’s and Danielle Steel’s writings. When she is not outdoors or reading, she finds herself at home with her family where she is truly her happiest.
Teffanie Lene E. Llamada
Twenty-one year-old Panyang is a Staff Nurse of St. Vincent’s General Hospital. To be blessed to graduate with laurels further pushed her drive for excellence and self-discovery. She is currently a member of the Fidelis Choir (a church choir), an environmental band, the UC Music Theatre Company and a post graduate student of Psychiatric Nursing. Panyang has just finished her BSED units and is currently the President of the UC College of Nursing Alumni Association. She is also an advocate of the latter’s debate society. She has always believed that exploring one’s potential is infinite.
Vanessa Claudine M. Ammann
Vanessa is a twenty-one year old Advertising Arts student from the University of San Carlos. When she's not with her friends and family she finds herself outdoors jetskiing, playing soccer, bowling or just on a simple picnic in a random field. When passions come into question, it has always been dancing, interacting with people and drawing. She takes pride in her art but has not yet had the chance to show it to the world. She sees the world differently from others and does not mind it one bit. She tends to enjoy the tiniest things. In local slang one can say she's a child with "gamay kalipay" and she's always been happy about that.
Photo Credits to Dan Douglas Ong and Joseph Ong
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