Pino Restaurant and Filipino Cuisine's Amigo Ribs

PINO Filipino Cuisine is a showcase of Fine Filipino Culinary arts as what its name renders. Pino means ‘fine’, an expression of delighting their customers with fine dinning experience of Filipino cuisine. Pino’s warm ambience setting enables diners to savour more Filipino food of varying characters form different regions of the archipelago. Unilever Food Solution (UFS) Sooo Pinoy Campaign supports the Pino-way of treasuring our unique Filipino cuisine making and impression of there’s no better way to indulge in local food than by dining in local Filipino Cuisine restaurant that offer the bests of it.
Chef Eugene Pacquiao, the Executive chef of Pino Filipino Cuisine quaint us with one of Pino’s best seller dish popularly known to its customers as “Amigo Ribs”. Initially they called it Roast Baby Back Ribs in the menu but decided to let the dish bring a local name “Amigo” which means “friend”. Amigo Ribs is served a la carte in Lahug main branch and three of their outlets in Mactan, Tabunok and Tacloban.
Pino Restaurant's Amigo Ribs presented to UFS Sooo Pinoy Team
The Pork Ribs undergo a refined procedure before reaching to its customers as Amigo Ribs. The process starts as they choose a supplier who could provide them Pork ribs with thicker meat; they are just few in the market. The pork ribs is marinated overnight with salt, pepper and bay leaves. After an overnight marinating, the pork ribs is boiled to trapped its own aroma in the meat, this can be done by charcoal boiling as Chef Eugene prefers over using volcanic stone.
Pino Restaurant Executive Chef Eugene Pacquiao with Amigo Ribs
Chef Eugene uses ground unsalted butter available locally in the market to make the sauce sticky. Your Amigo Ribs is about to served but before that, a garnishing of fried banana with brown sugar and cinnamon will be added to complement your Amigo Ribs.
Ms. Toni Garcia, General Manager of Pino Restaurant is working closely with her chefs in reviewing and revising their a la carte menu as well the opening of the first branch of Pino Pizzeria and Pasta. The new Pino Pizzeria will be an Al fresco shop featuring thin crust Italian pizza and Filipino flavoured pizza like Pino Sisig pizza and Chicken Inasal pizza. Pino Pizzeria will be spearheaded by one of Pino’s Chef, Arnel Villacarlos. Garcia added that Pino Pizzeira and Pasta will be an attraction of both families and yuppies.
Pino Filipino Cuisine Lahug (Main Branch)
The Amigo Pork Ribs is well accepted by locals and foreigners alike and the best seller of its a la carte offering. Pino Filipino Cuisine in Lahug Cebu, the main branch is famous for Filipino food buffet while branch outlets at Mactan Island and Tabunok Cebu are well known for its juicy Chicken Inasal, Pino Inasal and Amigo Ribs. Its Leyte outlet in Tacloban, Pino Restaurant and Seafood Market is distinguished for its seafood buffet menu.
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