Cebu City Sports Club Rolled Lechon and Inun-unan nga Salmon with Bihod

Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) the food service arm of Unilever Philippines and Departemnt of Tourism (DOT) inks a MOA to promote Filipino Cuisine and Tourism via Sooo Pinoy Food Tour in the country’s 12 key cities. In April, the Sooo Pinoy food tour explores Cebu to discover its home grown flavours.
Lechon Baboy or Roasted pig has been a part of the ‘Sugbu’ (old name of Cebu) Culinary culture as cited by a Cebuano historian when Spanish ruler Ferdinand Magellan visits Rajah Humabon of Cebu and the as a form of early Filipino hospitality to visitors, latter orders his men to roast a pig for them. Even now, Lechon baboy has the authority to be served in Parties, Birthdays, Fiesta and treasured as well is its own Lechon Festival.
Rolled Pork Lechon and Inun-unan nga Salmon with Bihod (Salmon with roe or female fish eggs stewed with Vinegar, garlic and salt) are just two of the traditional culinary mastery of City Spots Club Cebu Executive Chef Brian Lance Bersonda. In his childhood, Chef Brian enjoys watching Lechon cooks prepare and roasts a whole Lechon baboy, an advantage for him since his family traditionally cooks Lechon baboy at home instead of buying in Lechon outlets. Chef Brian didn't able to experience roasting a lechon but in his mind “I know how to do it”.
Rolled Pork Lechon is his version of Lechon Baboy which doesn’t required the traditional way of cooking in an open pit of candent charcoals. Chef Brian is keen on how the dish is traditionally prepared and he tried to make it on his own version without loosing its taste. There are a handful ways to prepare a Lechon baboy as Filipinos also have numerous ways how to cook adobo or humba, but for him the flavour of the Lechon mainly depends on the stuffing of spices and ingredients inside before roasting.
As a family tradition of roasting a Lechon, Chef Brian uses Banana blossoms or “puso sa saging” on top of the spices and ingredients onion, onion leaves, garlic, bay leaves, sangki and paminta. Instead of using a MSG, Chef Brian uses Unilever Food products Rose tip to raise the flavour of the pork when roasted. The most important ingredient, the ‘puso sa saging’ is saute with ‘San-aw’, an extract drippings from the previous lechon that is roasted ahead. A little bit commercialized, an oven is used to cook the Rolled Pork Lechon. Now you can enjoy your Lechon in skin and pork belly only. For Chef Brian, methods of preparing Lechon may vary but the flavour and tenderness of the pork matters most.
His Inun-unan nga Salmon with Bihod’ is also a family recipe he learns from his grandmother. The traditional way of cooking which uses Clay Pot is still the best way to cook paksiw. Boiling the vinegar with ingredients eggplant, ampalaya, Kamyas or cucumber tree, vinegar and the aromatics garlic, sili labuyo and ginger before adding the fish to prevent over softening. Unilever Knorr seasoning and kamiyas adds thickness to the sauce perfect to be paired with fried corn grits, a popular alternative of rice in Cebu. The Inun-unan is best served after two days after it was cooked to ensure that the flavour is absorbed by the fish meat.
Rolled Pork Lechon is served every last Sunday of the month at City Sports Club Cebu’s La Veranda in three flavours, Spicy, Onion with Garlic or Paminta with Bay leaves. The Buffet table at La Veranda also offers delectable dishes like Kalderetang kambing, Pochero, Grilled Seafoods and also Continental, Chinese and Japanese Food. The Inun-unan or Paksiw and Nilarang is also served in the in buffet which may vary in the type of fish used. A new restaurant which soon to open at City Sports ClubThe bistro is also expected to offer Mediterranean dishes and fusion of Western, Asian and European dishes.
City Sports Club Cebu is an exclusive urban resort destination within Cebu Park District. It offers proprietary club membership which gives its members the exclusivity to enjoy the Club’s facilities and amenities. Its location provides easy access to shopping, entertainment, leisure, banking, offices, schools and other business establishments, a perfect venue for business and social gatherings with colleagues, family and friends.
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