Sinangag Station 24hr Fastfood Boneless Bangus and Gising-gising

“To operate his own Filipino fast food outlet that serves 24-hours of full meal at an affordable price” is Resty Esponilla’s vision before when he was still an employee in a food and beverage company. That time the only available all day-all night food service are burger outlets. That vision was put into reality when he started his first Sinangag Station in 2003 at Mabolo, Cebu City. The first 8R’s Sinangag Station instantly captures its crowd of both locals and foreigners who want to enjoy Filipino food and Tapsilog anytime, any day. Now Sinangag Station has a total of 18 company-owned & franchised branches, 2 of them is in Metro Manila.
Sinangag Station’s version of Bicol Express:  “Gising-gising”
Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) Sooo Pinoy Campaign is an advocate of Resty’s vision to let Filipinos appreciate our diverse local cuisine. UFS Sooo Pinoy Campaign commends food enthusiasts to local cuisine through menu diversification and dish innovation.
Sinangag Station’s version of Bicol Express, a famous Bicol spicy cuisine is currently offered only at his Jones Avenue branch in Cebu with a localized name “Gising-gising” or “Mata-mata” is an adaptation of Tagalog’s Bicol Express that utilizes the readily available vegetables grown in Cebu – the string beans (locals called it baguio beans) as part of the menu in its first Ala carte branch. Gising-gising is a stew made from string beans, chili pepper (labuyo) coconut milk, shrimp, onions, ground pork, and garlic. According to Mr Esponilla, Gising Gising is in mild of spiciness compared to Bicol express 
Mr. Resty Esponilla of Sinangag Station
Bangsilog is a Filipino cuisine coined term when fried Bangus (Milk fish), garlic fried rice and fried egg is combined into one meal. Sinangag Station’s Boneless Bangus competes with its best seller Tapsilog (also a combination of Tapa or cured beef, fried rice and egg) in terms of orders from their patrons. Their bangus is sourced from Cebu, Bacolod and Manila. Mr Esponilla believes that Pinoys cannot go through the day without rice. A meal for a Filipino must have rice and viand, not burgers nor french fries, so Sinangag Station’s “Silogs’ suffice this need for Filipinoes. Their branches in Q.C. UP Village and Katipunan offers Cebu sourced danggit, chorizo, longanisa and sardines.
Singangag Station's Bangsilog (Boneless Bangus)
Mr Esponilla will also introduce Ala Carte to some of Sinangag branches after revising the Menu to include fusion culinary from Continental to Asian that will now include steaks. Sinangag Station has branches in Cebu (Mabolo, Lahug, Cabanas, Gorordo, Banilad, Escario, Labangon, P. Del Rosario, Talamban) A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue and Mactan. He looks forward to open more branches in Cebu and in two years time may expand in Mindanao area.
Sinangag Station accepts Franchising with its affordable and hassle-free Franchise System. With the growing number of branches, Mr Esponilla assures that quality of food at Sinangag Station branches will not be compromised. Aside from maintaining a Commissary kitchen of his products before distribution to branches, he also deploys Quality audit officers directly reporting to him to overlook branches and ensures that the right ingredients are used and correct procedure is followed at all times.
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