Crimson Resort and Spa Saffron Café's Caldereta and Escabeche

Crimson Beach Resort and Spa Mactan is everyone’s dreamed vacation hub in the country’s prime tourist destination at Mactan Island in Cebu. On top of the resort’s personalized service is Crimson’s 250 suites & rooms, 40 villas each with private plunge pools and a 2000-square meter Spa called Aum. Skim to the shore on kayak or on a speed boat tour or rediscover water sports like wake boarding, knee boarding, jet skiing, scuba diving, parasailing, snorkelling or banana boat riding. With just 15-minutes drive from Mactan International Airport, Crimson Resort and Spa is the desired spot for world-class accommodation.
Crimson Resorts and Spa - Mactan Cebu
Saffron Café is the home of popular Cebuano dishes Pritong Lapu-Lapu na may Escabeching gulay at adobo sauce (Fried Lapulapu with vegetables andvinegar-tart stew) and Kalderetang Kambing na may Gata (Goat chops in tomato-based stew with coconut milk). Chef Lemuel Algabre, Chef de Partie of Crimson Resort was inspired to cook because of his late mother. Every fiesta or any family gathering, he assisted his mother in the kitchen. Escabeche, Adobo and Kaldereta are the main specialties they cooked together. As a tribute to his mother, he combined the dishes to enhance the taste and to create a modern Filipino dish.
Kaldereta is a tomato-based goat stew, although Pork, chicken or beef can be used as an alternative of goat meat. The meat is simmered until it is tender, mixed with potatoes, carrots, liver and cream. Kaldereta is known as a Tagalog dish, the use of Gata (coconut milk) instead of creamed milk which is commonly used makes the dish a Cebuano variety.
Kaldereta is prepared by searing the goat meat, frying it quickly in hot oil while in a separate pan, saute garlic, onion and tomato paste. Add the goat meat, soy sauce, sugar, star anise, bay leaves, pineapple puree, tomato sauce and water. Chef Lemuel prefers using pineapple puree over pineapple juice because they differ in the concentration which adds flavour to the dish. He also limits the use of herbs to prevent overpowering the taste and flavour. The atchuete gives a bright orange color to the dish, you can opt to add some. Add gata and give it one time to simmer only. As garnishing to your kaldereta, fry ananas (plantains), carrots, wedged potatoes and bell peppers.
For his next dish, Escabeche describes as a method of preparing a whole fish after soaked in hot oil then cooled down and topped with water, vinegar, bay leaves and salt. Crimson Resort’s Escabeche version is head turner, the fried lapu-lapu (or Pugapo) is never soaked in sweet-sour sauce, instead an adobo sauce moistens it. Beneath it is the sugar-sweetened long strips of carrots, ginger, onions and red bell peppers which are separately cooked in vinegar and soy sauce. The adobo sauce is a separate saute of onions, garlic and ginger, add the soy sauce and fish stock for flavouring. Mizzle adobo sauce on the plate and garnished with fresh spring onions. You can taste the contrasting flavours of saltiness of adobo and sweet and sourness of escabeche perfectly twined for modern Escabeche with Adobo Sauce.
Crimson Resort Chef de Partie Lemuel Algabre
Crimson Resort’s four restaurants serve continental and Asian cuisine at your preferred setting. Saffron Café will entice you with sumptuous buffet and the view of the infinity pool in a new angle while Azure Pool Bar keep your beach vibe while on a chaise lounges built for two. Score Sports Bar lets you play billiard and darts or top off the night with the soothing rhythms in the Tempo Lounge in an unwinding ambient.
The Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) Sooo Pinoy Food Tour spans 12 key cities from different regions to discover the roots of popular Filipino cuisine and learn from the variety of processes in preparing the best regional dishes The Sooo Pinoy campaign is launched by UFS to help promote Filipino pride by spreading the love for Filipino cuisine. Like the Sooo Pinoy Facebook page at or follow @SoooPinoy on Twitter.
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