Bam-i and Pancit Canton Food Delivery Service from Hotline Foodshoppe

It has been observed in the Filipino Culture that if someone from the family is working, every time he went home, he will always bring something for the family as "Pasalubong", like a "Balot of Pancit" or anything that everyone in the family could share of.
It is important to note that you should buy only from food shoppes with trusted quality and of top of all, the most delectably prepared and cooked.
Hotline Foodshoppe is a Dine In-Take Out-Delivery food haus with eye of quality food service to its customer. Hotline Foodshope is located at Hernan Cortes St., Subangdaku, Mandaue City, Cebu.
Hotline Foodshoppe Lumpia Shanghai (15 Shanghai rolls, Price: P98.00 )
Hotline Foodshoppe Menu is growing with the ongoing experiments from their owners, mastered before being offerred to their customers.
One thing unique for their food preparation is the native approached on their offering. Their roots is in Barili Cebu, a traditional way of preparing food to make it tasty is expected from their craft.
Hotline Foodshoppe Pancit Bisaya or Bam-i (Good for 4 persons, Price: P110.00)
Free Food Delivery within Cebu City and Mandaue City area and some parts of nearby city is catered by Hotline Foodshoppe through delivery phone number 0922-487-1887 and a guarantee that food is still freshly made and hot.
Hotline Foodshoppe Grilled Pork (Good for 4 persons, Price: P150.00)
And for one of Hotline Foodshoppe specialty, the "Pancit Bisaya" ideal for Pasalubong and great partner for Bread or go carbo-loading paired with rice. Taste the difference of your regular meal with the special offering from Hotline Foodshoppe.
Hotline Foodshoppe Pancit Canton (Good for 4 persons, Price: P110.00)
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