Kublai Khan Mongolian Eat-All-You-Can Restaurant - Level 3 The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu

Kublai Khan's Mongolian Eat-All-You-Can Restaurant located at the Level 3 The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu shares the passion of Feasting for Mongolian Grill Cuisine like what the Great Mongol Emperor Kublai Khan used to feast. The 14-year old Mongolian Restaurant, Kublai Khan offers Cebuanos and tourists value for money experience, quality food and incomparable service.
With the freshest ingredients, satisfactory meal and highest quality of service available in Fast-food environment, Kublai Khan's unique concept has gathered Cebuano patrons since 1999 from the moment it start serving tasty cuisibe in the morning untill late dinner.

Kublai Khan Eat All you Can Mongolian Restaurant Warrior Bowl Menu with Prices:

Spicy Noodle - Php 95
KK Topping Beef Szechuan - Php 90

Barbecue Noodle - Php 95
Fiery Barbecue - Php 90

Teriyaki Nodle - Php 95
KK Topping Seafood Salsa - Php 90

Mongolian Noodle - Php 95
KK topping Saucy Vegetarian - Php 90

Beef Noodle Soup - Php 65
Seafood Noodle Soup - Php 65
Want a Spicy meal? Go feasts at Kublai Khan!
Kublai Khan Mongolian Vegetarian Warrior Noodle
Kublai Khan Mongolian Seafood Soup
Kublai Khan Dessert Pandan Pearls, Kublai Khan Leche Flan also available.

Kublai Khan's "Take Out for Pick Up" enables you to order and call in advance or have your KK bowls delivered right in your workplace (within Ayala Mall only).
For orders, call Kublai Khan's Phone Number 233-6401 and look for Badeth or Jojie.

Also, you might want get a chance to win a Kublai Khan Gift Certificate of ONE TIME FILL BOWL & GLASS OF ICED TEA. Encourage your friends too, Like Kublai Khan's Facebook page now.
All Photos by Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant
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