One Big Camp, an Ultimate Summer Camp for your Kids happening in May 2014

The Event Hub brings “ONE BIG CAMP an Ultimate Summer Camp for Kids which provides them an avenue to appreciate and have fun outdoors. Children are divided into age groups, 5-8 years old and 9-16 years old for proper camping modules appropriate to their age. One Big Camp 2014 is slated on May 9-11 and May 17, 2014. Campers ages 9-16 will spend 2 nights in the camp except those ages 5-8 which will only have just one day of camping activities. Registration is inclusive of Meals, Accommodation, Camp Kits, T-Shirts and Bandannas. Camp site would be at Governor Leyson’s Peak in Brgy. Taptap, a mountain Barangay of Cebu City.
Photo taken from The Event Hub Events Facebook Page, Photo Editing by Miong Pelimon
Modules of One Big Camp includes the following:
  • Basic Mountaineering for Kids and Teens
  • Introduction to Disaster Preparedness
  • First-Aid 101
  • Basic Rescue Training
  • Survival Cooking
  • Map Reading and Communications
  • Nature Art Workshop
  • Larong Pinoy (Traditional Games)
  • Adventure Race.
Disaster Preparedness
Jacqueline Siwala of The Event Hub points out during the Press briefing held at Shabu-Way Hot-Pot Cuisine, Ayala Terraces, the uniqueness of One Big Camp concept, Fun and Learning will be incorporated with Disaster Preparedness Training. It cannot be ignored that after the series of disasters that struck Philippines, particularly, Visayas, Children should be equipped with proper skills and training to be prepared in any kind of mishaps.
Listed below are the Goals of One Big Camp provided by The Event Hub:
  • To provide an avenue for children to spend their summer vacation on a worthwhile event outdoors
  • To promote outdoor appreciation among children through various basic and practical mountaineering and scouting activities
  • To instill in the minds of the children cultural awareness and appreciation through traditional children’s games
  • To promote environmental awareness through hands-on art activities; and
  • To provide a foundation on disaster preparedness training and practical emergency skills that the children could master to survive and help in rescue during calamities and daily emergencies.
The Organizers, together with Sponsors will conduct a “Compressed Camping Module” for 1 day in selected Public schools of Cebu City after the Summer Camp as a way of “Paying Forward” by the group to the youth of Cebu City.

For One Big Camp Inquiry and Registration, you may Contact:
Jacqueline, Mobile Contact: 09189790273 Email:
Don, Mobile Contact: 09432733900 Email:
There might be a Registration booth at Parkmall on April 26 & 27, stay tune for more updates.
You may also log on to their Facebook Page at
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