Where to Stay in Bantayan Island? Know what the Island can offer to Tourist like You.

Kota Beach Resort in Bantayan Island is one of the host Resort Hotel during PIA (The Philippine Information Agency) Eco-VolounTourism Event in coordination with DENR-7 (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) and dynamic LGU of the 3rd Class Municipality of Bantayan last February 21-23, 2015. Kota Beach Resort is located at the town of Sta Fe, one of the 3 towns in Bantayan Island where the it boasts of approximately 6 kilometer (~4 miles) of white-sand beachfront and crystal waters.
Kota Beach Resort beach front is a vast of white sand that changes form as the monsoons play throughout the year.

Kota Beach Resort main entrance reveals how the resort cares for green vegetation.

More coconut trees embraces the whole resort adding shade to the pathways to the villas and cottages.

Each cottages has its own features and amenities, first-line or beach front cottages has the splendid view of the crystal blue waters of Bantayan Island.

Beach front cottages are either Family or Couple type. In Kota Beach you are either stepping on the white sand (just next to your cottages) or at the green grasses that enables nature at every area.

The interior of these bahay-kubo/nipa hut inspired cottages also reveals earth materials where almost all elements are made of wood and light materials with contemporary touch of latest interior design trends such as ambient lighting.

Kota Beach Cottages/Room Rates are as follows:

Beachfront (Family) (inclusive of Breakfast for 2) - 3,800 Pesos
Beachfront (couple) - 3,400 Pesos
Cottages 2nd row from the Beach front - 2,500 Pesos
Cottages 3rd-4th row from the Beach front - 1,900 Pesos
Standard Air conditioned Rooms - 1,200 Pesos
Standard non-airconditioned Room - 900 Pesos

Cottages are complemented with these contemporary sliding windows.

More wood features are integrated to their cottages. We got the chance to visit the Gawad Kalinga (GK) village of Bantayan Island and help build the house of our fellow bantayanons, the building activity was preceded by a Sumptuous Boodle Fight Lunch prepared to us by the Bantayan LGU.

Meals are catered at the resorts Restaurant just near the beach front. Kota Beach Resort offers à la carte of wide variety and gastronomy.

A meal by the beach is definitely one of your daydreams while working in the urban jungles time-in in the morning and badge out at knock off time.

Kota Beach as viewed from the shore line, notice that these palm trees evident for Bantayan Island's resiliency when they were shaken by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) but you don't see any hint that the typhoon has been here years back.

We had the chance to meet the the ever dynamic staff of Bantayan Municipality and discussed many things especially the resiliency of Bantayanons during Yolanda wrath. The Board of Trustees of Bantayan Island Chamber of Commerce was also holding a presscon with us discussing business in the Island. We also headed to the distant town of Madridejos where they share to us their experience and their actions during and after Yolanda.

The white-sand beach of Sta Fe Bantayan Island are just one of the main reason why local and foreign tourist keep on visiting this Island.

The famous shifting sand formation of Kota Beach.

To go around the Bantayan Island at your own pace, Motorbike and Bicycle Rental are available, if you want to hit the waters, Banca Rental are also available.

Foreign tourist are at ease at the Island knowing the zero to none crime rates and the hospitality that the bantayanons has shown to them.

Activities that you can do at Sta Fe Bantayan Island are snorkeling at protected Marine Sanctuaries, Island Hopping, Natural Cave Swimming, Bar Hopping, Bayle (local version of Clubbing) and more. This is extreme, sky diving is also offered at Bantayan Island.

At the Bantayan Proper, you should not dare missed buying Danggit (dried fish) at the Fish Market, a walk to some of the heritage town Plaza, The Saint Peter & Paul Cathedral and meet the locals doing their livelihood program such as Bag-making, Candle production and poultry or Hog raising. The Sunset at Kota Park in Madridejos is also a must try.

Below are all the participating Beach Resort and Hotel Restaurants, you may contact or visit their website in your visit in Bantayan Island.

Phone: +63 32 4389 042/+63 62 419-6135
Mobile: +63 948 7993 787
Email: kotabeach@gmail.com
Website: www.kotabeachresort.com

Phone: +63 32 438-0077
Mobile: +63 918 571-4297
Email: maia.becker@gmx.de
Website: www.maiasbeachresort.de

Phone: +63 32 438-1907
Mobile: +63 928 778-7770
Email: info@stafebeach.com
Website: www.stafebeach.com

Phone: +63 32 438-9385
Mobile: +63 918 454-1960
Email: dengeairain@yahoo.fr

Mobile: +63 917 963-6162
Email: bernard@bantayan.dk
Website: www.bantayan.dk

Phone: +63 32 438-9358
Mobile: +63 908 309  4147
Email: cottages@bantayan-island.com
Website: www.bantayancottages.com

Phone: +63 32 514-4420
Mobile: +63 928 506-4468
+63 918 940-8066

Phone:  +63 32 438-9093
Mobile: +63 921 760-3857
Email: infor@marlin-bantayan.com
Website: www.marlin-bantayan.com
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