Cebu Photo Blog treks Osmeña Peak Dalaguete and Traverse to Kawasan Badian Cebu

Our recent trail hike to the highest Mountain range peak in the protracted island of Cebu has been successful and we are grateful for everyone that makes this journey successful. Were listing down below our Thanks and appreciation.

One. Thanks to our good friends from Trail Adventours Manila and Cebu comprises of expert mountain trekkers and Philippines highlands trail guides. The people from are extending their trail adventures coverage in Cebu with maiden climbs to Osmeña Peak Dalaguete and Sirao Peak in Cebu City.

Two. A day before maiden climb and hike, Ayala Center Cebu, ROX Ayala & Trail Adventours conducted a public event on "Introduction to Mountain Climbing" A big thank you for that as we start to orient ourselves in this type of sport.
Three. Thanks to the knowledge imparted by the experienced hikers and mountain climbers from TrailAdventours Manila and Cebu. They talk about "Basics of Climbing", "Fundamentals of Packing" and "Physical and Mental preparation before a Climb"

Four. The experienced we had even before the climb and as we digest the information about Mountain Climbing basics, we are thankful on that. Now we are prepared for the upcoming climb.

Five. Day of the first Maiden Climb. We oriented ourselves around 4AM for the itinerary of the Day at McDonald's Jones Avenue. Little thanks to the venue for offering 24 hours rendezvous.

Six. To my fellow bloggers Melanie, Jean and Pam joining on this Trail climb raising up early for the love of nature and to Melanie for tagging her friends making the climb more lively and gay. Thankful also for the hired transpo from Cebu City to Dalaguete Cebu where a swift and comfortable ride is attributed to our keen drivers. Within 2 hours we reached Dalaguete Cebu minutes after 6am. Another alternative in reaching Dalaguete is via South Bus Terminal with Air-con and non-aircon options.

Seven. From the Cebu South Road Super highway, our transpo started its ascend into the highlands of Dalaguete, from the highway expect a bumpy and closer-to-nature ride. Thanks to the scenery along the ride from the misty morning of upland Dalaguete Cebu.

Eight. Our transpo drops us midway before the foot of Osmeña Peak because our van is not suitable for off road ride. So then we need to start to walk to reach the registration area though this is not part of trail climb yet. Thanks to the early morning walk we are able to stay closer to mother nature and meet the locals of Dalaguete.

Nine. At the registration area we meet other climbers and hikers which were early also for the common goal which is to summit Osmeña Peak. There's a barbecue stand in the area and I was tempted to take my breakfast there. Thanks to the barbecue grilled from Dalaguete.

Ten. Our friends from Trail Adeventours did the registration for all the Participants in our group. We had the first dibs from our guides with getting-to-know sort of quick game. Introduce yourself and name a celebrity that has similar first letter of your First Name. Thanks for that.

Eleven. After the acquaintance, the official climb and trail started. Thanks to other climbers and locals that we meet on our ascend. Those climbers might be at the Peak overnight or more earlier than us, one of them is Gizelle my fellow CBS blogger. Locals loaded on a basket full of fresh cabbage was in sight. This must be an exciting climb.

Twelve. While on the way to the Peak, the picturesque landscape of Dalaguete is on your back. Painted with hazy morning mist and soft touch of the sunrise from the southeast. Thanks Nature.

Thirteen. Passing by the first protruding land, you can almost see one of the highest peak in the group of Mountain in the Osmeña Peak clans. There you start to see campers with their tents at the site and more and more climbers in their cold weather gear. Another sight to be thankful.

Fourteen. Our guides from Trail Adventours is very keen on us climbers and hikers making sure for our safety and adherence to the Park's rules. They were divided into grouped assigned to lead, check in the middle and sweep at the last climber. Ensuring no one will gonna be left out. Thanks Trail Adventours team for the safe adventure.

Fifteen. Gadgets. One of the climb aspects that you wont forget is gadgets that will enable you to document your adventure. In my case i just brought my Lenovo Vibe shot, a 16MP android Smartphone. Easy to bring though it cant be compared to an action camera like GoPro but serves its purpose. Thanks to this guy. Brought this gadget for two reasons.

Sixteen. First, Lenovo Vibe short is Lenovo's android smarphone boasts of more advanced mobile camera features that hs capability of switching from Auto Mode to Pro Mode with dedicated buttons at the side for quick switch and capture.

Seventeen. Second, Lenovo Vibe shot has a highly responsive GPS transmit and receive capability. All tracks of the trail from start to end was recorded without breaks. I use Strava Android App to do the recording where horizontal and vertical distance are captured in Google Map readable format. Thanks Lenovo!

Eighteen. Bonus attributes from the Lenovo Vibe Shot, its clear front camera wont dismayed self portrait fans and pairing it with a good mobile phone mono pod will make a good profile picture, Thanks, I guess.

Nineteen. With a couple minutes to take from the base camp, the highest peak is reachable now and this spot will give you the optimum 360 degrees view of the Osmeña Peak. There are several Peaks that you can climb with an average altitude 1km above sea level from the group of peaks, the highest in the Island of Cebu. At this area you begin to feel the cold air touching your cheeks. Thanks again Mother nature.

Twenty. Together with the accommodating guides from Trail Adventours we had some group shots and individual self portraits where in the backdrop laid the famous Osmeña Peak of Cebu. Trail Adventours Manila climbers find it "Classic" for Osmeña Peak attributing to its contour and beveled ranges. Thanks Dalaguete in taking care Osmeña Peak.

Twenty One. Trail Adventours reminds us of the Mountain climbing cliche, "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time". And I subscribed to it and push for the seriousness of its meaning towards Nature. You know, this is for our sons and grandsons to enjoy in their generations as well. As always, thanks to the old saying.

Twenty Two. Some took their breakfast at the peak, others just took pictures and prepare for the next part of the itinerary - the Kawasan Badian traverse. Badian is the direct neighboring town of Dalaguete, they are separated by the Osmeña Peak ranges. It will be a stiff 8km trail hike to reach the famous Kawasan Falls but along the way there will be key takeaways like More nature vis-a-vis and hydrate from some of Badian's natural water sources. Thanks to the idea of offering this traverse opportunity for us.

Twenty Three. Our basics in Mountain Climbing talk suggests and requres us to the following have a good rest before the hike, keep hydrated for the entire trail and inform if there are any problems. Thanks to these it really helps to survive the looooong walk.

Twenty Four. The remaining trail to Kawasan is not and easy trail since it will be a downhill trek with sharp edges of rock occasionally appear along the way. A good trail shoes is recommended and required for an optimum experience for the whole hike. Avoide wearing unnecessary things. I use Skechers Go Run 2 as my foot great this time since it is very comfortable and light but technical climbing could not be possible with it. Thanks Skechers!

Twenty Five. The lush vegetation could be great for your eyes. You will meet more of these along the way and it will be fun. I suggest that your wear extra warmers on your arms and legs if you are too sensitive to akin allergies due to insects and dusts. Thanks for this tips Trail Adventours.

Twenty Six. There are strategic stops and resting areas like snack corners and shady area. Take advantage on this stops to keep hydrated and relax your muscles and joints as needed since you will gonna need it along the way. Thanks for the frequent stops and breaks.

Twenty Seven. With remaining hundreds of meter to Kawasan, a stop for a fresh Juice is recommended. Fresh buko juice from the locals will refresh your system and you need it by this very part of the hike. Thanks for buko fresh buko juice and some lanzones.

Twenty Eight. To our excitement and since we are starting to get exhausted, we hear drops and currents of Kawasan Falls source and third level falls. Now you could see few tourists and locals in Kawasan Falls and other adventurers from their Alegria to Badian Canyoneering attire. Thank God!

Twenty Nine. I immediately offloaded my bag and find a spot to get a good rest and appreciate Nature. I fell asleep for almost 20 minutes of relaxation and it really helps me restart my system the tiring hike. A couple of inhale and exhale from the fresh nature breeze at Kawasan Falls, now I am ready to take a dip into the cold spring.

Thirty. The rest is all relaxation and acquaint more with Mother Nature. It's my 2nd time here at Kawasan Falls for this month alone since I've been to a Alegria to Badian Canyoneering earlier this month courtesy of iCanyoneeringCebu and Kawasan Nature Park Cooperative. Thanks Melanie for the gratitude post tagged and Trail Adventours Manila and Cebu for the adventure-packed activity you prepare for us.
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