The Alegria Kawasan Badian Canyoneering Expereince: Nature, Adventure and Food

Cebu as the "Go-to" Island in the South of the Philippines boasts of both urban and nature tourists destination. What also compliments these attributes are food and culture that is unique to Cebuanos. If you wanna escape the buzzing traffic and blinding haze in the metro, why not try exploring the South-west Canyons of Cebu.

The "Canyons" of Cebu is located between two Southwest towns of Cebu, Badian and Alegria, the Canyons traverse the boundary of the two towns and finishes at the famous Kawasan Falls of Badian.

Traversing the Alegria to Badian Canyons adventure is gaining popularity now called "Canyoneering" or "Canyoning" and it outstandingly offers a new and fresh tourists attraction in Cebu.

To get into Alegria-Badian Canyoneering, first, you should be ready to travel down Southwest of Cebu, a private van is preferred and a more exciting bus ride from the Cebu South Bus terminal is equally a choice bringing you from Cebu City to the drop off area either Badian or Alegria depending on your chosen Canyoneering Tour Guide. and 's recent Canyoneering adventure together with bloggers from Cebu Bloggers Society chooses the services of the following Alegira to Badian Canyoneering Tour Operators:

Kawasan Nature Park Mult-Purpose Coop‬erative
Care of Isauro Belarmino (Manager) with Mobile contact number +63927-582-1183
Kawasan Coop Canyoneering Website:


Care of Chevy or Junjun with Mobile contact number +63917-654-6065
iCanyon Cebu email address: or
Facebook Page: iCanyon Cebu Canyoneering Group

We departed 15 minutes past 5AM from the terminal and arrived at Badian by 8AM, we meet our tour providers and took breakfast together as we also prepare our Safety gears. It is mandaotry for all participants to wear safety gears in the duration of the trip for complete experience.

Above photo shows the first task of your Canyoneering experience. Notice the queue, this is normal since this part will test participants confidence to start their canyoneering pace.

The tour guides is basically ratio to 1:4 which means a tour guide can only handle guest up to 4 and maximum is 6 for safety reasons and maximum experience. Our guides has been trained by Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (ERUF) for canyoneering tailored Emergency response and application. Blogger Miong (right) waits patiently his turn to Jump with bloggers from CBS (background). A dry bag will also be provided by the Guides to safekeep your valuables from getting wet since 99% of the times, your in the water.

In this video, you will jump with me to begin my canyoneering experience, your guides will ensure that you will land on the right surface in the water and sees to it that there are no other guest below.

The water is cold and you should prepare your body to adjust to the temperature, you will be soak at the same temperature almost 3 hours.

Your Canyoneering experience will be more enhanced with the natural architecture of the Canyons that made me think how many years it take for nature to carve this piece.

Grand rock formations, lush vegetation, cylinders formation hanging from the ceiling of the caves and stalagmites as well, you will see a lot of these as you move downstream.

A quick photo with nature with fellow bloggers from CBS, (L-R) Almera, Hanna & Glyth. Your guides will be more willing to take your photos. An action camera is preferred but you could do a work around with your mobile phone place in a water proof pouch and mak sure it is properly sealed and check its condition from time to time.

One of our Master guide, Chevy of iCanyoneering acts as the sweeper of the pack and manages our dry bag whereabouts.

When in canyoneering, expect these routine: Jump, Slide, Crouched, Swim, Float as you pleased.

These enormous cylinders of minerals is enormous, imagine the actual size of this stalactites by taking into consideration the guest pictured below it.

More actions and natural facades.

You will get a hint that you are almost done with the Canyoneering activity when you meet this locals selling light snacks and drinks.

But wait, your exit to the Canyoneering experience wont be completed without jumping this high altitude and narrow canyon, it will be a good boost of you confidence, I guess.

Conquering the last Jump will lead you to the remaining trail hikes that will crossed to the 3rd Falls and source spring of Kawasan Falls.

Just few meters from the source spirng of Kawasan Falls third station you will see this dam, nature and man made structure at it best.

Kawasan second Falls, you start to see tourists and locals having picnic and riding the bamboo raft that could send you to the foot of the Falls and a quick massage by the raging cold water of Falls is a must try.

You know what awaits you at Kawasan Nature Park Cooperative Restaurant? A showcase of local Cuisine by the good people of Badian. The most awaited lunch will complete your Canyoneering Experience, eating with the background hymn of the Kawasan Falls.

As of this writing, the prevailing Alegria Badian Kawasan Canyoneering Rates are:

  • 1,500 pesos/head for a group of 4-5
  • 1,000pesos/head for 6 and above

Provisions: Use of helmet, Life vest, Tour and Entrance Fees, Guides, and Set meal.

I suggest you avail the meal that Kawasan Cooperative can prepared for you, the 3-hour Canyoneering activity will reward you a BIG appetite. For the transportation from City to Badian, you could also negotiatr Kawasan Coop or iCanyoneering Cebu for trasnfers.

Thanks to the Good people of Kawasan Cooperative Tours and iCanyoneering Cebu for the safest Canyoneering Adventure and Experience!

The Alegria Kawasan Badian Canyoneering Expereince posted at Cebu Photo Blog
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