Healthy choices at Shabu-Way Hot-Pot Cuisine Dining Experience

The birth of Shabu-Way Hot-Pot Cuisine Dining Experience in Cebu is attributed to the absence of such nourishing dining experience in the metro way back 2009. Shabu-Way Hot-Pot Cuisine's very own Chef Anton saw that demand and started this healthy concept of dining in Parkmall Mandaue Cebu in August 2009 providing the best Shabu-Shabu in town.

At Shabu-Way Hot-Pot Cuisine Dining Experience

Chef Anton's love for Shabu-Shabu cuisine lead to the success and acceptance of the food-loving Cebuanos as well as foreign tourists. Shabu-Way’s hot pot dishes such as the Monster Meat Set, a sumptuous array of tender and savory slices of beef, chicken, and pork and the Shabu-Way Beef Special Set which consist of 100% US Angus Beef strips are just some of the best sellers.

Shabu-Way Hot-Pot Cuisine Vegetable Platter Set

Shabu-Way Hot-Pot Cuisine Seafood Supreme Platter Set

Shabu-Way Hot-Pot Cuisine California Maki

Shabu-Way Hot-Pot Cuisine Sashimi

Shabu-Way Hot-Pot Cuisine Salmon rolls

It is best to dine with friends and family at Shabu-Way Hot-Pot Cuisine allowing creative taste buds to enjoy the preferrence of choice in making your desired hot-pot. It is never too late to explore Shabu-shabu dining and discover new taste as you relaxed.

Shabu-shabu, in Japanese term translates Swish-swish , a repeating side-to-side motionof thinly sliced meat, and fresh vegetables with sauces which is served while at the dining table.

Visit Shabu-Way Hot-Pot Cuisine at the following branches and dont hesitate to approach their welcoming staff to get you started with Shabu-shabu dining, they can guide you thoughout the process from preparation to savouring your warm soup.

Shabu-Way Hot-Pot Cuisine Parkmall Cebu
Telephone Number: (032) 505-2598

Shabu-Way Hot-Pot Cuisine Ayala Center Cebu
Telephone Number: (032) 239-1231
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