SM Home Design Series: The Essentials of Condo Living Exhibit Cebu

Cebuanos will be able to view this diverse exposition of home vignettes at the SM Home Design Series: The Essentials of Condo Living exhibit from February 24 to March 8 at the SM City Cebu Northwing Atrium. On February 24 and 25, Cebuanos will be treated, free of charge to the most valuable home design talks from these talented Cebu designers themselves, as they unveil tips to choosing colors, selecting furniture and hiring design help, as well as secrets to scale, space and sprucing up a starter condominium.

SM Home launched the SM Home Design Series: The Essentials of Condo Living featuring talented home and interior designers Maybelline Te, Hannah Lim, Janet Lo-Lee and Kate Ngo who bring the best insider tips, tricks and easy-to-learn hacks in making one's first condo their most beautiful one.

SM Home's Cebu leg brought a powerhouse of Cebuano design talents to demonstrate great condo design in an exhibit of styled home vignettes.

See SM Home Design Series in Photos below.

Living Room by Maybelline Te

Maybelline Te's condo living room interpretation are layering of colors, textures and furniture. A designer and manufacturer of home furniture and accessories, Maybelline knows how to stir interest through the depth of decor elements, in this case, a blue tufted sofa bed atop a hot pink hairy rug, two differently-leveled coffee tables placed side by side, and the use of muted pinks and yellows that tempers a frivolous lounge area just right.

Bedroom by Hannah Lim

Interior designer Hannah Lim's iteration of a husband and wife's love for adventure are punches of refreshing pink and green, as well as rustic wood elements. Hannah Lim is the founder of HL Designs, a Cebu-based studio specializing in model units and common areas for real estate showrooms.

Kitchen by Janet Lo-Lee

Janet Lo Lee Design Studio head designer lends her signature style to her interpretation of a Scandinavian chic condo kitchen. An encompassing warm and inviting theme, the area intelligently makes use of space with streamlined, functional fixtures.

Dining Area by Kate Ngo
Instead of sticking to the basics, Kate injected drama to an otherwise fuss-free condo dining area by choosing a Scandinavian-inspired dining set which also complements the kitchen, amidst an overflow of leafy foliage and rose gold hang lights, an appetizing concoction of swanky and cozy.
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